Curator extraordinaire Kate Fleming with my daughter Kellin at a previous show at the Gallery at 38 Cameron

A curator who knows her stuff is a great gift to an artist. Thank you to powerhouse Kate Fleming for pulling my work together in such an exemplary way for my show at 38 Cameron. She created a harmonic flow that is dynamic and yet soothing, lively and yet restful. As she assembled this show of nearly 50 paintings, I kept having the feeling that I was encountering my own works fresh, for the first time. I love that sense of seeing something familiar with new eyes.

In keeping with the paradox that is at the essence of all of life, this show has its own set of energies pulling in opposite directions. After this exhibit comes down in December, the gallery will be closing its doors. It has been five years of blending art and community in an unexpected fashion, and I am sad to see it come to an end.

The comings, the goings…I hold to the wise advice of Angeles Arrien: Be open to outcome, not attached to outcome. And that is useful advice for more than a gallery’s last run.

Robiette 2, now on display at Gallery at 38 Cameron