Installation views

With curator Kate Fleming

Friday night was the artist reception for my show at 38 Cameron Gallery in Cambridge. It was a wonderful night for me, full of feelings of gratitude, camaraderie, completion. So many elements came together to make this night memorable–Kate Fleming’s exceptional curating, the dedicated staff at 38, the lively gaggle of friends and cohorts there to celebrate with me, and the good fortune to have my niece Skye Selander visiting Boston.

Skye Selander

Skye is an art student and an inveterate photographer, so this is one opening that was exceptionally well documented. (To see all her photos along with those taken by my husband David, click here.)

So with the outbreath that releases the tension and tightness, it is on to what’s next. Some interdisciplinary collaborations have been proposed to me. There are nascent traces of some new partnerships. But wherever the road leads, my mantra remains the same: Chop wood, carry water.