View of my studio, looking north

Friend and artist Pam Farrell has invited artists to do a show and tell on her blog. Calling her project Interactive Studio Blog Post–ISBP–Pam now has nearly 10 artists who have participated. Their postings typically feature a work or body of work and an image of their studio.

Pam included some salient quotes from James Elkins about studios and workspaces:

In “What Painting Is”, James Elkins includes a chapter entitled “The Studio as a Kind of Psychosis”.

Working in a studio means leaving the clean world of normal life and moving into a shadowy domain where everything bears the marks of the singular obsession.

Elkins talks about the artists’ studio in terms of the alchemy of art making:

Alchemy is the best model for this plague of paint, for the self-imprisonment of the studio and for the allure of insanity.

For those of you interested in behind-the-scenes art making, it is definitely worth a visit. And for anyone who is a maker who would like to open their own kimono a bit, you can contact Pam directly.

P Farrell Artblog