Sometimes a shout out is needed. Here’s a link to a show at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts website that came to my attention by way of Tyler Green’s excellent blog, Modern Art Notes:

Ideal (Dis-)Placements

Here’s what Green wrote:

Small, independent museums can do things big museums can’t (or don’t). They can take more risks, try different things, be more imaginative. Few do this better than St. Louis’s Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, which has long used its Tadao Ando building as a staging ground for youth programs, music events and, of course, art.

The Pulitzer is currently showing Ideal (Dis-)Placements, Old Masters at the Pulitzer. It’s been up since October and it’s received rave reviews. The Pulitzer has just launched the show’s website. No one does single-shows-in-space websites better than the Pulitzer (witness: Dan Flavin, Water) and I wouldn’t miss a one of ’em.

Best of all: The Pulitzer folks manage to get across the feeling of seeing art in Ando’s remarkable space. Who else would provide day-long, time-lapse, natural-light-only stills of the installation? (The link is at the bottom of the screen. In the picture above it is 8:30am.)

This is a site where you can spend hours. Visual feast.