Still riding high after a great weekend and art opening in Brooklyn. Thank you to Martine Bisagni and Amani Ansari for their Herculean effort to pull off a great event. More pictures coming* (I was too busy talking to take any during the opening to take my own) but here are a few of the installation.

Window full of Rina Peleg “babies”—her work is enchanting in any size. (These forms are actually woven out of clay…)

The Trilla series, in the front gallery

Finding a common language: The “Ticellita” series speaks with Rina’s large orb

Installation view of the front wall

In the alcove, a larger painting (Passente) is coupled with a large crackle glazed orb

The BWG garden


My art buddies, Paula Overbay and Elizabeth Mead

View from the garden

Friend, artist and advocate extraordinaire, Elizabeth Mead

*A few more photos have surfaced: You can view images taken by Martine Bisagni here.

Back gallery, Brooklyn Workshop Gallery (Photo: Martine Bisagni)