Everyone needs a Maureen Doallas in their lives. Maureen filters the world of art and poetry like a baleine whale combs the sea for krill. Her latest find is a show at Winston Watcher in Seattle by mosaic artist Ann Gardner.

As described by the gallery, Gardner is known for “unique sculptures that use hand cut, tinted and etched glass to create elegant mosaic-covered forms that challenge the physical boundaries of the medium.” These forms are exquisitely simple, beguiling and visually luxurious.

And Gardner’s statements about her work speak to concerns that are conversant with my own:

My intention is to make work of presence and harmony from the intersection of three very simple elements: light, shape and color. When these elements play with the surface, I want them to reveal a complexity that changes as the day passes over the work.

Whether I create a sculpture for a private or public commission, I am interested in the same issues: I want my work to elicit an emotional response, such as celebration, quietness or calm, and facilitate a connection to that response for the viewer.

Yesterday I posted about sculptor Bill Walton. Today it is Ann Gardner. And given that things often happen in threes, I’m ready for my third to appear. It’s like a 3D meteor shower.

(All images courtesy of Winston Wachter Gallery)