Wingate Barn, site of the Winter Studio gallery in Wenham

View of the gardens from the gallery

Last weekend we did the real life installation of the Unchained show that appeared here at the end of the summer. The late fall light was clear and crisp, and visitors to the Winter Studio gallery were a motley assortment of artists, North Shore art lovers, friends and neighbors. I also found the setting so soothing: A 19th century barn, surrounded by the armature of what is an exquisite English style summer garden (which I have written about in an earlier post here) and lots of songbirds. Conversations were easy and unforced. I felt the coming together of these 15 artists had an easy and unforced quality as well.

Context in art is like the new field of epigenetics: Circumstances and setting play a significant role for art and for DNA. This show felt like something that just happened, on its own, outside of the programmatic and the expected. Part of the fun for me was to let it drift and find its own form. Which it did without a lot of coaxing and cajoling from me or George.

Another example of “order for free?” Like so many things I have learned later in life, there is a point where you just let go and trust in the unseen trajectory and angle of repose.

Winter Studio gallery

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