Curator Stephanie Hobart hanging my show, Apparent Glimmerings

Apparent Glimmerings, a show of my paintings in Cape Elizabeth Maine, has been installed and is ready for the opening reception on January 13. Curator Stephanie Hobart did the vetting in my studio two weeks ago and ended up picking out 31 pieces that span about six years.

As fiercely independent and self-resourced as I am as an artist, I have come to appreciate the value of another set of trusted eyes. I need the point of view of an intelligent viewer to help me evaluate the work I have lovingly and endlessly coddled and coaxed into existence. (A reviewer in Art News once referred to me as an “obsessive technician”, a description that delighted me.) The inherent subjectivity of the art making venture is not unlike the parent who cannot see a glaring personality flaw in their beloved child. Let’s face it, objectivity isn’t what shows up in the studio day to day. It has its place—but as a guest, not a resident.

So here is a high five to those who have been my best vetters (and hopefully will continue to play that role):

James Lyman, my gallerist of 12 years, who always finds connections and relationships in my work I would never have found on my own
Kellin Nelson, my daughter who can identify my best pieces in one quick sweep through the studio
Kevin Simmers, my longest running art partnership. It began at age 11.
Kate Fleming, curator at 38 Cameron Gallery and ongoing advisor
David Wilcox, my partner who has consistently advocated for those pieces I wasn’t sure about (and which usually end up being the ones that sell first)
Bryce Aragon, my son whose narrow gauge aesthetics is the ultimate screen of worthiness. You please him, and you have arrived.
Stephanie Hobart, a curator and friend of over 20 years

For anyone in the Portland Maine area, here are the particulars:

Thomas Memorial Library Gallery
6 Scott Dyer Road
Cape Elizabeth ME 04107

Opening reception and artist talk: January 13, 5:30-7:30PM