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Rayme 1, mixed media on canvas (to be included in my upcoming show at the Brooklyn Workshop Gallery)

Quick Black Hole Spin Change

I don’t like it—

two massive Black Holes
each twirling at the core of
two merging galaxies

get close enough
to fuse together

then quick as a wink
just as they are melting into a New Black Hole Blob

they undergo something called a “spin-flip”

they change the axes of their spins
and the fused-together Black Hole Blob
gets its own
quick as a cricket’s foot

Don’t like it at all

And then the new Black Hole Blob sometimes
bounces back and forth inside
its mergèd Galaxy

till it settles at the center

but sometimes a “newly” up-sized Black Hole
leaves its Galaxy
to sail out munchingly on its own
into the Universal It

I don’t like it

Nothing about it
in the Bhagavad Gita
the Book of Revelation
Shakespeare, Sappho, or Allen Ginsberg

–Edward Sanders

Oh the value of a network of strong ties…it plays out in your life in so many ways. Here’s a thank you to my good friend Sally (her new blog, Butter and Lightning, is terrific BTW) for uncovering this gem.