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Harry Beck’s map of the London Underground. With slight modifications and changes, his original design is still the lingua franca of transporation mapping.

Our minds create maps of every place we go. Apparently all animals do this, not just us. And those cognitive maps are not necessarily accurate or drawn to scale. Like the iconic map of the London Tube designed in 1933 by an electrical draughtsman named Harry Beck, the best maps make a complex system comprehensible by eliminating information that isn’t essential and simplifying the schemata to mostly straight lines. Beck’s map is conceptual, not accurate, but it is the most famous and most emulated transportation map in the world.

There are emotional maps too. These are more complex charts than a transit system schemata or a topographic map of the terrain. For one thing they include the additional coordinate of time. The past is constantly linking and looping back into our present, and our memories of how things used to be are constantly being stretched taut by how those places change. The map of a life is layered, dense and highly specialized. Some friends share a layer or two, but this complex of overlays and connections ends up being a map only comprehensible to one person.

Visiting California is the inevitable return to the deep foundational grid of my personal map as well, the one formed by a childhood in the Bay Area and college years in Santa Cruz. As richly engaging as present tense California is, it is still for me just a glass floor atop the isometrics of the deep past.

I spent time with some extraordinary art and artists while I was there—Holly Downing, Ramah Commanday, Tim Rice, Jorg Schmeisser, Theodora Varnay Jones, Laura Corallo-Titus, Marsha Cottrell, Howard Hersh, Kathy Greenwald, Shelby Graham, Norman Locks. Landscapes that continue to take your breath away. Exquisite food. And of course the wedding of dear pals Sally and Meehan. I’m in a kind of sensory overload so it may take a few days for all the cognitive systems to fire up again.

Sunrise from Marin County

Kevin Simmers and Holly Downing in her studio in Sebastopol

Holly’s current show at Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery at Cowell College, UCSC

Oversized platter by Ramah Commanday in St. Helena

Ramah’s “Every Day a Pinched Pot” project from 2011 (these are from February)

Richard Carter’s pottery studio and Japanese kilns in Pope Valley

Tomatillos and grapes from Ramah’s garden

Tim Rice in his North Berkeley studio

The view of Marin County from Tim’s old studio in Hercules

Sunset through the fog in San Francisco

Printmaker extraordinaire Jorg Schmeisser who passed away in June

Theodora Varnay Jones at Don Soker Gallery

Howard Hersh in his studio in the Shipyard in San Francisco

New encaustic work by Howard

The Shipyard

Thriving hydrangeas at Mission Ranch

Norman Locks and Monica Grant in the UCSC printmaking facility

Drawing studio with northern exposure, UCSC (we had nothing like this back in the day!)

Carmel River where it meets the sea

Sheep meadow in Carmel

Meehan and Sally, post ceremony

Carmel River Beach looking towards Point Lobos